Tuesday, October 15, 2013

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol (shook also other parts of Visayas and Mindanao)

I woke up today and found in my FB newsfeed full of posts about them being awakened by some earthquake. I on the other hand, can't relate to such because I just had my first good morn's sleep after weeks of sleepless nights...Philippines has been having occasional earthquake (compared to the 'rare' that we had before)..and I was like ''ok,another earthquake'' until I've learned more about the earthquake. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol Philippines, morning of Tuesday,October 15,2013. I saw pictures of toppled houses and cracked pavements together with damaged display products of some stores , but what saddened me more was when I saw pictures of old churches ruined by the quake. 

I was able to go there, and Bohol is full of old houses and old churches (my kind of interests). For a person who is so sentimental, seeing these heritage sites in a not so good state is just so heartbreaking. 

Loboc church is the second oldest Church in Bohol.

Loboc church after the quake photo  via
the separate belfry tower BEFORE (photo not mine)
Bell Tower AFTER the quake photo via
 Loon Church is the biggest church in Bohol...
photo via

I've  been to Bohol (only once), but wasn't able to get to know these churches closely. All the more reasons for me  to be sad.  ' Guess this is one of the many reasons to travel more...not just to explore but to witness and make yourself part of a bigger common world.

Sentimental things serve as constant reminder of where we were...now that,these visible reminders are slowly fading from the scenes...it is indeed a great challenge for us to recollect,retain the faith and live a life that will serve as our legacy for those in the future with these legacy of our ancestors preserved in our hearts.

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