Monday, June 16, 2014

First Day Soar!

First day of classes and am I ready? 

I think I'm not so ready. I haven't prep myself in the weekend for this day. In fact  I just had myself enrolled last Saturday. 

But this is it! ...another semester to wrestle with exams,papers,procrastination and laziness...and another semester with friends and new found friends.

I guess I should get ready for tonight...

Hmmm...I guess,I should forget about getting ready. Ready or Not...I'm coming to class! Tonight!

Gambatte!Let us do well. Keep ourselves healthy and strive to survive!

Fight-Oh! Ajah! hahahah :D

*photos grabbed from the web


  1. good luck..honestly, i miss schooling..i guess this is normal especially if you are working everyday.

    1. Thanks. Same with me. I was working everyday and missed schooling too. So, i got myself enrolled and now I'll be working and schooling again 5 days a week. :D