Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hopeless Romantic. Hapless Semantic

The fault in our stars in big screen.

I came inside the cinema just in time for Augustus’ funeral and I cried…(agad?agad?)heheh

As usual, I went solo and chose a seat closer to the big screen away from the other movie watchers. I wanted it to be a personal thing (between me and the movie) and it was a personal thing. The lines were familiar but there is one that sounded like first to my ears.

That part of Augustus’ eulogy for hazel that says… She may not be loved widely, but she is loved deeply.

And poof, that line slashed through me. I’ve always wanted to have many friends and I realized one or few are more than enough ‘slong as they are true. And yes, I’m a quality over quantity kind of gal. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but I know who to keep close and who to keep closer. My view may not be that of a romantic love, but I believe it applies to anything.

I am a certified hopeless romantic though and I like happy endings but I didn’t have any whaaaaat?-kind of reactions when I finished reading the book and same too with the movie.  I like happy endings but I learned to love and appreciate the truth. There are more romantic things than those we think are romantic. It’s not the same for everyone and even those who they call themselves experts experienced being  love-flipped once in their lives.

Whether you’re a person who keeps on jumping from one relationship to the other or that someone who waits and patiently waits for destiny to come around the corner, no one can really judge whether it’s right or not so right because we’re all in pursuit of a thing that makes us happy, and they say it’s a human instinct but I say it’s a choice. You may be that someone who’s carefree or that someone who’s cautious, whatever the reasons that are behind the actions…I believe there’s a fair chance for everyone to experience love.

Being a hopeless romantic myself, I realized long ago that what we deemed as romantic may bring with it more other important things that are other than romantic…and sometimes the smallest gestures and silent words ignites us like bursting flames getting an 11 out of 10 score compared to the 10 of 10 from the beautiful fireworks we see when we experience grand adoration and gifts of treat.

I’m just sayin’ that this hopeless romantic realized, she doesn’t really know what is romantic at all and so everyone seems to agree that she’s a hopeless case. ..And I say to all case handlers out there

“I am not a case to handle and if ever I am…what's the matter ?Can’t handle a girl like me?”

as for this...I was just and still in awe over those orange tulips ORENJ!

*all photos were grabbed from the web (credits to the owners)

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