Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The single woman: in-sight and out-sight

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If you were to choose between a soft bound and a hard bound version of the same book with the same price, which one would you choose?

Well, I'd choose the hardbound and I did chose the hard bound and bought it. 
(the bookmonster in me is out!)It was just in the bookstore to buy a notebook and I went home with this book and no notebook in sight.

The Single Woman by Mandy Hale. This book is a good read for us singles in here and I think it will be a great read for all not so singles out there. 

I'm not going to write a book review. I'd just like to tell you that single or not, please read the book.

For singles, it's an inspiration and it's good to be kept reminded that we're still on a track that will lead us somewhere.

As for those other than 'single", it'll give an idea of what single lives and dreams are made of...and also a reminder that you were once on the single status phase before you came to status you are in right now.

She knows what she doesn't wants and can change her mind.
She sleeps and wakes up late,haves coffee as her brunch.
She knows when she's about to get sick and prevents it with a kick.
She can buy the oranges right out from the shelf and prepares the hot/cold compress all by herself.
She always has her jacket and umbrella ready wherever she goes.
She doesn't asks much favors and doesn't obliges herself to give one.
She says her yes's and nos all because she means them.
She does her manis and pedis and is proud about it.
She dines out,shops and watch movies alone.
Goes solo to bookshops,shoeshops and salons.
She says yes to invitations not based on her boredom.
She says no to invites not based on her available schedule.
She splits the bill with you and she's glad if you let her.
She knows what odd numbers to avoid and just how much she can tolerate.
She has her values and she won't tell you that all.
She's insecure at times and thinks of what might be wrong about her
and she stops because she knows what is frightfully right about her.
She wavers. She falters. She doubts and she pouts.
But she's striving in thriving in living the moments she knows nothing much about.

-sheng (a single woman)

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