Monday, June 30, 2014

Not a Christian (in) Grey

I think I saw him. I think I daunt.
I think I'm happy.
But why is it that I mope.

A glimpse at last!
I felt chills not on my skin but on my bones.
I felt shivers crawling on my spine up to my brains. **
Not the horror though. Uh oh
I can't seem to let him go.

Tell me how do you cope
With your heart and mind twisted like ropes
Is there still a space for hope?
or I'll just let these feelings elope?

**(Good thing,it didn't blew my mind)

That's the effect when you're caught by a slight drizzle of rain. You think it's okay to walk without your umbrella and then you realize halfway that you're stupidly wrong on your judgement.
(I am even thinking that my fever is starting...I pray it won't stay)

I thought everything's fine but these occasional  drizzle of signs are making me sick and sad. I think I'd feel better if I get doused by the whole truth. That way, I can just cry under the rain and (you know) just change clothes after.

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