Friday, June 20, 2014

Nominated not Elected

I was (I'm not joking) nominated as P.R.O. last night and flashbacks of my beadle moments from last semester is playing on my mind right now. I am (probably) the worst beadle you can ever know. Almost always absent and last in-the-know. Now I'm contemplating on the role of a P.R.O. and how can i function as one.

I do not know what came into the mind of the person who nominated me. maybe he thought someone else might get nominated and I'd be saved from the role by having the lesser number of votes. But no votation (if there's such a word) took place for this spot because somebody closed the nomination and another person seconded it. So here I am,the class P.R.O. at your service!

It was my fault in the first place, I wasn't able to object (the tight lipped always) and I could've just nominated another person so that the class can have other options to vote for...but it's too late to turn back time and do the could'ves (always the late reactant) 

The responsibility is designated. 
The expectations are waiting and I'm still contemplating! 
One moment I was the go with flow gal 
and seconds later I'm the P.R.O.?! 
I still can't believe what I gotten myself into.

I hope I'd be good P.R.O (which I doubt),or maybe a P.R.O. in training? (sounds better).

Goodluck to myself for I'm about to venture into an unfamiliar zone and congratulations to myself, I am given an opportunity for growth. (I hope this includes muscle growth) and thank you Lord, I think I prayed for something like this, I just never thought the answer would come through this. :D

I'm extending my next step an inch help me God.


  1. Wishing you everything of the best with this new task dear! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by :)

  2. I guess, there is a reason for everything! Good luck:)